Do you really need that iPhone app?

iPhones are everywhere in Singapore. Going by the latest stats, there are about 400,000 iPhones users in Singapore (and that’s excluding iPad and iPod Touch users). Companies large and small are so desperate to have their very own iPhone app that most of the apps they churn out tend to be ‘junk’.

Here’s a simple checklist to see if you really need that iPhone:

1. Does it fit your overall branding and marketing strategy?
Review your goals, look again at your strategy. Will this app enhance your message? Make sure the app you create is in sync with your overall objectives. Remember, it’s just another channel to your audience. Don’t have an app just because it’s the current in-thing.

2. Does your audience need the app?
Create something that’s useful for your audience. Know what they do, know what they need. It should always take advantage of the mobile experience. For example, if you operate a coffee franchise, your app should not only list their locations, but it should give real-time directions via GPS to the nearest one.

3. How can you measure ROI?
Mobile apps are a relatively new thing but currently there are tools to measure and track usage. A Google Analytics equivalent for mobile apps so to speak. You should always build your app with analytics in mind.

It’s really easy to build an app, many a programmer and developer will say they can do it fast and cheap. Even young kids can build one. But as you can see, building the right app for your audience isn’t so simple. You need someone who can do the research, someone who can conceptualize and someone who has the technical know-how to create the app that successfully melds your company’s branding together with a great user experience.