Virtual 360 Camera Interactive Tour at Esplanade Park, Singapore

Virtual Tour 360 camera Singapore

Mezmedia recently completed a minor prototype project with a local tour agency. This Esplanade Park Virtual Tour was one of the early demos we created to showcase the capabilities of our team.

Virtual Tour 360 Camera Singapore

Our camera team operated a 360-degree camera which took high-resolution still images of the location which was then edited for colour grading, corporate branding and subsequently digitally stitched together to form a panorama of the Esplanade Park.

Insta360 One R – a prosumer-grade 360 panoramic camera. Very portable and great for unobtrusive video recording for virtual tours. Image: Apple
Insta360 Pro 2 – an example of a top of the line, professional-grade 360 Camera. Image: DP Review

The virtual tour is fully cross-platform, mobile and desktop friendly. Our software team worked with an open-source Javascript engine to create the interactive points within the virtual tour scene. Each touch point will open a small window or tool-tip that gives the audience more information, such as the historical significance or the origins behind the monuments.

Virtual Tour 360 camera Singapore
The ‘i’ icons represent touch-points in the virtual tour
Virtual Tour 360 camera Singapore
These touch-points or interactive points show information to the virtual tourist when they click on them.

To ‘move’ around, users click on the arrows to navigate in the virtual environment.

Virtual Tour 360 camera Singapore
Virtual Tour visitors click on the white arrows to move around the area.

To add more interactive depth to the virtual tour, our team could add digital content such videos, audio tracks and also translate the virtual tours to any desired language.

Apart from viewing it on the browser, this virtual tour can be experienced on a VR headset, bringing a whole new level of immersion. Virtual Reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, the Oculus Quest or Google Cardboard can be used to experience the virtual tour without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Virtual Tour of the Esplanade Park

If you have trouble viewing the above, a fully interactive demo of the 360-degree camera panoramic virtual tour is available online here.