Enterprise Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) is not only used in the for games or entertainment. VR and AR can be used in various enterprise applications.

Mezmedia, a Singapore-based interactive studio, will provide the end-to-end service for your company, from consultation to deployment. Mezmedia can help your company with its digital transformation, building VR applications and AR applications. We can custom-built bespoke apps to suit every enterprise requirement, from training simulations to gamification, events and roadshows.

Interactive Digital Environments, VR for Events & VR Roadshows

Image credit: Lee Sze-Chin.

Tap on Mezmedia’s extensive experience to create digital environments and worlds for your interactive exhibits and marketing events. Mezmedia can create bespoke, customized VR applications for your tradeshow, marketing roadshows and launch events.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality For Training

“Oculus – Quest” by Los York is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

Why should Enterprise VR be used for employee training? Corporations are discovering the advantages of using VR technology instead of traditional methods include faster learning and better retention.

Training instructors find that the benefits of using VR and AR far outweigh the old ways of teaching their trainees.

As the years progress, the astronomical cost of VR has prevented common usage among the public and corporations. VR was only the domain of governments and military institutions. That was in the past, with new devices entering the market and upgrades delivered regularly, the cost to implement VR becomes much lower when measured against the savings generated across the sector.

With every year that goes by, the cost of VR and AR equipment keeps falling and the technology keeps improving by leaps and bounds, the business use of VR and AR training is becoming more and more widespread.

Training Scenarios for VR

You can build training scenarios for high-stakes skills and in various industries such as healthcare, construction and aviation. Mezmedia can generate training scenarios such as

  • Fall hazard training
  • Hazard recognition
  • First responder operations
  • Gas meter inspections
  • Machine introduction
  • Risk Assessment Training (Insurance)
  • Forklift Driving Simulation

Virtual Reality for Designing Spaces

Mezmedia has developed several prototypes for use in Architectural Spaces and Interior Design. Help your clients visualize spaces and allow them to make important decisions by previewing designs in VR. Virtual Reality is a wonderful aid for planning environments and spaces where there is a lot of physical movement and human traffic.

Screenshot of Mezmedia’s VR prototype for Architecture and Interior Design industry.

Develop VR and AR Prototypes and Demos with Mezmedia

Work with Mezmedia to develop VR and AR training prototypes. Mezmedia can quickly build software demos for presentation to your key decision makers.

Our team can build deeply immersive and highly interactive virtual worlds. They are AAA-game quality 3D environments, photo realistic, designed by our experienced VR engineers and artists and modellers. Work with us to gamify your training processes and build real-world scenarios for your trainees.

If you are looking

  • to digitally transform your processes,
  • to launch a game or an app,
  • to develop a VR experience,
  • improve your current app’s UI/UX
  • for a team with mobile development experience

We are the right ones for you.

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