Apps and Websites

From its very founding, Mezmedia has worked with various MNCs, private enterprises and government agencies to develop websites and apps. We have created large e-commerce sites to small micro-sites for events and launches.

We specialize in end-to-end delivery of our clients’ product. Mezmedia will bring their expertise and knowledge in app development, helping consult, design and publish our clients’ apps in the App Store and on Google Play.

A few of our clients we have worked with since our inception

We have worked closely with the insurance industry in Singapore to develop their sales apps and their enterprise applications.

Great Eastern Life’s iDream app, launched in mid-2015

Here is a short but not exhaustive list of services we can provide:

A sample video from our demo from a pitch to an Insurance company

If you are looking

  • to digitally transform your processes,
  • to launch a game or an app,
  • to develop a VR experience,
  • improve your current app’s UI/UX
  • for a team with mobile development experience

We are the right ones for you.

Due to the sensitive nature of our clients and their work, we are unable to show some them on our website. We will be glad to share more details if you reach out to us via the form below.