Rapid Prototyping for Apps

As entrepreneurs and game developers, we know how important a demo is to kickstart the project or to fire up the interest of your investors. Most investors won’t contribute anything without a demo. Even before that, as you probably need to prove to yourself that your idea works.

At the corporate level, we understand that sometimes you need justification for additional funds. If you’re in the marketing and sales team, if you’re part of your company’s digital transformation team, we know how it works. You need something made, however, the IT department is dragging their feet.

Rapid prototype demo created within 2 weeks as part of a pitch to our client

Mezmedia can develop rapid prototypes for your app or game with quick turnaround time. With our experienced team of 2D and 3D artists, our app developers and our network of freelancers, we can rapidly create working demos and prototype apps.

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