PruJourney – an iPad app for Prudential’s financial consultants

PruJourney is an app to help Prudential’s financial consultants present concepts of financial planning to potential clients. This Enterprise-only app is used by the consultants during their one-on-one session with their customers. It helps explain key financial planning concepts and calculates the client’s financial goals.
We worked with Prudential’s training department to develop this app. As the customer base of Prudential gets younger and more tech savvy, current methods of presenting basic financial planning concepts aren’t engaging enough. The key challenge was to turn something that was traditionally done with pen and paper, powerpoint slides, a calculator, newspaper cuttings, etc. into a viable, usable app that could do the same and more.

There is a simple game in PruJourney called ‘The Journey’ that the potential customer would play. This gives an opportunity to break the ice, engage the customer and at the same time introduce basic ideas of savings, investments and so on.

The app also features basic financial calculators like Inflation, Retirement, Education and so on, all done in real-time. Video testimonials also help reinforce the message too.

In terms of deployment, the Enterprise-licensed app and resides on a central server accessible only by Prudential’s Financial Consultants.

Do watch the video to learn more. The password is: prujourneyipad.