Great Eastern Life iDream App – a toolkit for Financial Advisors

This was an app developed for Great Eastern Life’s (GE) Financial Advisors. It is a feature rich application that includes financial calculators, financial planning tools and product matching.

On the back-end were several important features we built:

  • Single-sign on – the app verifies the sign-in requests with our client’s server
  • Data Security – the data on the app is encrypted and can be wiped completely. All data is encrypted during transfer.
  • Data Integration – the app communicates with our client’s server
  • Enterprise Deployment – the app can be downloaded from our client’s server
  • Product Matching – the app is able to recommend products based on the customer’s financial requirements
  • Financial Planning Map – the advisor is able to present the customer’s current and future financial status using a ‘mind-map’ style of presentation.
  • Accurate Calculators – working with GE actuarials, the app is able to do complex calculations for various scenarios such as retirement planning or health-care planning.

Development started in early-2015 and the app was launched in 2016. The app was also pushed on a smaller scale to Great Eastern Life’s Malaysia and Indonesia offices.

This app is one of the largest scale projects we’ve worked on, in terms of conceptualization, depth and back-end development. Our knowledge of the insurance domain increased dramatically.

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