Finally a Game for Handbag Lovers and Collectors – announcing Happy Handbags

Happy Handbags is cute merge and clicker game that is unique homage to iconic designer handbags of the world.

Singapore, 14 May 2019 – Mezmedia is glad to announce the release of their latest mobile game Happy Handbags. Available on both iOS and Android phones, Happy Handbags pays homage to the beautiful designer handbags throughout history. This casual mobile game is an idle, tap and merge game with simple cute graphics and wonderfully stylized handbags inspired from their real-life counterparts.

Set in Paris, players begin their handbag collection by merging two bags to create a new designer bag. They then match and merge that new luxury handbag with an identical one to unlock a brand new bag. Match and merge more bags to unlock new handbags and add them to the collection. There are a total of 79 designer handbags to collect, including 40 exquisite limited edition versions to unlock.

“As creators we appreciate how much love and thought was put into the iconic handbags of the major fashion houses like Valentino, Gucci and Saint Laurent. The idea of casual game where one could start a handbag collection inspired by iconic handbags sounded pretty cool to us.”

“We wanted a game that was relaxing to play and stress-free. There are too many action and puzzle games out there which require a level of concentration. If you’re just looking to pass the time, you want to be feeling happy playing, not angry or stressed out,” said John Ng, co-founder of Mezmedia, the studio behind Happy Handbags.


  • – Happy Handbags is a tap, idle and merge casual game where there are no stressful time limits, no violence or aggression or pressure.
  • – It is easy to learn and play.
  • – It is designed for people to play on the go, while they are waiting for their train stop, waiting for their dental appointment and so on.
  • – Players earn in-game currency while the game is paused, so they get actually get rewarded, not penalized.

Download the game for free on iOS or Android mobile devices, it is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

About Developer
Mezmedia is a small, independent game and interactive studio based in Singapore. It has been making games for the educational and casual game market since 2005, and released over 15 titles with total downloads over 4 million world-wide.

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