Kids make awesome burgers with the top children’s app Bamba Burger 2

Bamba Burger 2

Singapore – Mezmedia is proud to announce the long-awaited sequel to their most popular app – Bamba Burger 2. With over 2 million downloads for Bamba Burger, the success of this burger restaurant game for kids has led to calls for a sequel. The Singapore-based game studio has obliged with the release of Bamba Burger 2 on the App Store and on Google Play.

In Bamba Burger 2, kids pretend to play cook and customer in a burger restaurant. There are a lot of cooking activities for the kids to do. First, the player chooses the type of bun, which range from the standard fare (burger bun) to the weird (brick burger anyone?). Next up, the player cooks the ingredients on a frying pan, tossing them about. Then comes the fun part where they start building the burger with over 20 wacky ingredients to choose from, such as Radioactive Goo, or a Pirate Hat! And that is not all, the player can make side dishes like mashed potatoes, crinkle cut fries, soda and ice-cream.

The player ‘pays’ for the meal by dropping coins into a cash register. Then comes the best part – eating what they’ve made! With every meal completed, there’s a mystery gift with a surprise toy inside. The screenshot button allows players to save pictures of the fantastic burger they’ve made.

Learning through play is what Bamba Burger 2 is about. Here, kids learn about different ingredients, objects, how things are made and how to count. There are plenty of educational opportunities with Bamba Burger 2.

The development studio encourages parents to play with their children to promote family bonding and improve learning. Parents can play the customer and order a cheeseburger, for example, while the child plays the restaurant chef and tries to assemble it in Bamba Burger 2. Real world props like a chef’s hat and apron are recommended to make the experience more enriching and fun.

Bamba Burger 2 is language free. There is no text within the game so players are not restricted to learning a particular language. It is up to the parent to teach in his or her language of choice. It is an excellent tool for learning new words.

Bamba apps are all about being wacky and gross. So kids can find special ingredients like the Dirty Shoe, the Slimy Tentacle or the Mouldy Bun, along with ‘standard’ fare like a Burger Patty, Cheese and Ketchup.

“Which kid doesn’t love fast food? Fries and burgers are a favorite with my 3-year old, but they can’t always have it, so that’s where the idea for Bamba Burger came about. With this sequel, we’ve taken feedback from our users and made it much better, with longer engagement periods, more activity points and more learning opportunities”, said John Ng, co-founder of Mezmedia, the studio behind the Bamba series of education apps for kids.

Supported Languages
* Bamba Burger 2 is designed to be language free

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPad
* Android devices
* Requires iOS 10.0 or later, Android 6.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Bamba Burger 2 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide through the App Store and Google Play in the Education category. For more information, please contact John Ng.

Website: Bamba Burger 2 
Download: Apple App Store and Google Play

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