Bamba Books brings wacky stories and catchy sing-along videos to kids

Bamba Books

Mezmedia is proud to present Bamba Books 1.0.0, their tenth app in their ever popular Bamba series of apps for kids. Specially crafted for kids aged two and above, both the parent and child can enjoy original stories and songs crafted with love from the team at Mezmedia. In keeping with Bamba’s wacky and off-beat world, Bamba Books provides a unique and fun experience for the reader.

Every story in Bamba Books is accompanied by a catchy music video, wonderfully animated with the signature illustrative style of the series. The stories in Bamba Books are interactive too, for example, in ‘Monsters Can’t Do Chores’, readers get to help the Susie clean her room. Touch Susie’s bed to keep it tidy, move the teddy bear back to the shelf, and so on.

Each story read aloud by a narrator, but parents have the option to turn the speech off if they want to read to their child or if the child wants to read it him/herself. Built into every book is a navigational menu that allows parents to move between the pages of the book, great for kids who can’t wait to get to the best parts of the story.

One of the key tenets of the maker’s philosophy is ‘learn through play’, and that thinking is exemplified by the approach to the content in Bamba Books. Kids not only learn to read, but they learn about core values like responsibility, tolerance and so on. Serious topics like racial prejudice is subtly addressed in ‘My Neighbours Are Zombies’, where the young Finn finds out that his new zombie neighbours aren’t as scary as he thought. And he finds a new friend in green-skinned Ellie-Annie, who also appears in Bamba Books’ icon.

“It’s our tenth app, a special milestone to be marked by a special app. Bamba Books is one of our most content-rich apps. With a total of six unique stories, six original songs and six animated videos, translated into Spanish, Swedish and Russian, we are very proud of this app. Our team has grown since the days of our first app – Bamba Ice-Cream – and we look forward to making more stories and songs for Bamba Books and more fun-filled, educational and interactive Bamba apps in the years ahead,” said John Ng, co-founder of Mezmedia.

The Stories In Bamba Books:
* Monsters Can’t Do Chores – Susie has to do her chores, but all she wants to do is to watch her cartoon show. She has an idea and ropes in her friends to help with disastrous consequences.

* Sammy’s Super Pizza – Susie and her friends go out to the best pizza restaurant in town. They order some wacky pizzas, but Chef Sammy is up to the task. See how Sammy conjures up his pizzas for his most demanding customers.

* To The Airport – Finn is off to the airport to visit his grandparents. His best friend, Unidonk, is coming along and that spells trouble! Security!!

* My Neighbours Are Zombies – Finn finds out he has to visit his new zombie neighbours, and he isn’t looking forward to it.

* Most Awesome Birthday Cake In The World – It’s Daddy’s birthday and Susie has a special birthday cake in mind, help her decorate it with flowers and photos and lots more!

* A Big Mess At The Farm – Finn is watching the farm while Uncle Ben is off to Bamba Town. Except he isn’t really watching. He wakes from his afternoon nap to find Ol’ Betsy the cow missing! Help him out!

Supported Languages
* English, Russian, Spanish and Swedish

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* Universal Application

Pricing and Availability:
Bamba Books 1.0.0 is free with in-app purchases. It is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. The makers of Bamba apps take privacy very seriously and serves no third-party ads or in-app purchases. All external links (if any) are blocked by a Parental Gate so parents can rest assured that their children will have a safe experience with Bamba Books.

Official Website: Bamba Books
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