Kids Can Craft Objects With Bamba Craft for iPad

Singapore, Singapore – Bamba is proud today to announce the global availability of Bamba Craft for iPad. Children love to create something, almost every time and everywhere. While on the beach, at play, in school or at home. They constantly need a medium to unleash their curiosity and creativity. In Bamba Craft for iPad, kids use their skills and artistic abilities to select shapes, fill with designs, colour and finally see their creations in one composite whole. The fun activities not only deliver satisfaction to the kids but also spurs their creative instincts and keeps them engaged as they explore and discover the very many power packed yet simple features.

Bamba Craft catches the attention of kids instantly through wacky rooms to collect items, assemble them on the canvas and add the finishing touches in the paint room. The colorful objects are just irresistible. Not only does Bamba Craft entertain and educate kids, it also unleashes their creativity and imagination. Whether played alone or together with other friends, kids will enjoy the encore at the end of each round.

“Kids love to draw, it’s fun! And as parents we get immense joy and surprise seeing what our kids can come up with. It’s a great activity for both parent and child. Bamba Craft takes it to a whole new level with weekly goals, beautiful illustrations and a gallery housing work from kids all over the world.”, said John Ng, co-founder of Bamba Kids – Mezmedia.

Bamba Craft will keep things interesting for kids by constantly adding silhouettes such as the butterfly or the t-shirt on a weekly basis. This will guarantee many more goals for kids to craft.

✔ Quirky and kooky rooms full of stuff to pick from!
✔ Dozens of items to choose from — Reptile Eggs to Caveman Television sets!
✔ New projects updated constantly
✔ Post your artwork in a worldwide gallery
✔ Fantastic, beautiful artwork
✔ Kid-focused interface
✔ No external advertising
✔ Great for kids 3+

Device Requirements:
*Requires iPad with iOS 5.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Bamba Craft for iPad will be available on the App Store under the Education category for just $1.99. Promo codes will be available on request for review purposes. To celebrate the launch of Bamba Craft, Bamba is running an iPad mini giveaway at TheiMums. Bamba will also be running other special exclusive giveaways, details of which will be available on the official website and social media accounts of Bamba.