We love Shockwave-sound.com

We do! We’ve been using Shockwave-sound.com for years and years. Bjorn Lynne and his team do an excellent job of providing royalty-free music, sound effects, custom voice-overs and more to Mezmedia’s projects, both corporate and consumer. Recently they’ve helped us a great deal by creating Bamba’s audio ident to go along with our animated logo resolve, so this post is a way of us saying ‘Thank you, you did a great job’!

It’s real easy to find the music you want on their site and they have tons and tons. The music is seldom cheesy or out of date, this is because they keep adding more songs to their collection very regularly. So it’s great, what more can we say?

Do pay Shockwave-sound.com a visit!

P.S. This is might sound like a paid promo but no, it isn’t. We are simply returning the favour!