Mezmedia launches iPhone & iPad app for infants

Mezmedia has launched an iPhone and iPad app targeted at infants ten months and above.

The app has been launched less than a week ago and already downloads and sales have been promising. Called ‘ABCs & Animals’, it is an interactive flash card application. Kids can touch and scroll through a series of animated flash cards that display cute, bright and endearing illustrations; while appropriately amusing sound effects are played.

The app has been developed by BabyPad – a department of Mezmedia that focuses on educational apps for children. BabyPad and the idea for the app came from a tiny source – one of our director’s one year old daughter. Having watched the infant become adept at the iPad even at that age, the idea for the app was just a short step away.

The application was built at two different resolutions to enable the best experience both on the iPhone and the iPad. A free ‘Lite’ version was built to allow users to test this out on their infants before purchasing the full app.

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