Registrations, Abstract Submissions and Reviewers

The International Conference for Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT) organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) is an event for the Education industry in the Asia Pacific Region. Over 1,800 delegates attended representing 20 countries.

In this case study, Mezmedia built a comprehensive online platform to register, receive payment and manage the delegates.

In addition, there was a custom-built abstract submission and reviewer module. This platform allowed the event organisers to manage almost all the aspects of the delegates.

Registration and Payment

Whilst the registration form was straightforward, it featured several additional features.

  • Vacancies for the paid workshops were automatically updated when payment was made
  • Delegates could book and pay for recreational tours along with their registration fee

Delegate Management

Delegates could be added edited and removed. Their payment status could be updated when offline payment (cheques and cash) were received.
Finally, all the data could be exported for onsite registration.

Abstract Submission

Speakers who were interested in speaking at the conference could submit their abstracts for consideration. They could log back in to see the results of their submissions.

Reviewer Module

After receiving the abstract submissions, reviewers were appointed and they were assigned submissions to rate and review. The organiser could use the module to view the scores, reviews and select the final submissions.